April 15, 1946 in the Pesing area, West Java


Five young Freedom Fighters were detained by Dutch troops on April 15, 1946 in the Pesing area, West Java. Among Dutch troops, there was an Indonesian native who joined the KNIL forces.
Looks like the five young men raised their hands and covered in mud, one of them did not wear pants (far left). Most likely they were publicly humiliated, they were held at gunpoint and bayonets.

Source : Het Nationaal Archief

Black Box Testing

Black box testing merupakan teknik pengujian berfokus pada kebutuhan fungsional software, memungkinkan perancangan untuk memperoleh kondisi input yang secara penuh menguji semua kebutuhan fungsional suatu program.

Black box testing is a testing technique focusing on the functional requirements of software, enabling design to obtain input conditions that fully test all functional requirements of a program.

teknik pengujian tanpa memiliki banyak pengetahuan tentang cara kerja di dalam aplikasi, artitektur sistem dan akses untuk source code.

Sifat-Sifat Black Box Testing

  • Robustness testing (menguji kekuatan sistem yang ada)
  • Performance testing (menguji kinerja sistem yang ada)
  • Endurance testing (menguji daya tahan sistem)
  • Behavior testing (menguji prilaku sistem apakah sesuai dengan permintaan

Sistem Kerja Black Box


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Software Testing Definisi

Software testing adalah aktivitas-aktivitas yang bertujuan untuk mengevaluasi atribut-atribut atau kemampuan sebuah program atau sistem dan penentuan apakah sesuai dengan hasil yang diharapkan.

Software testing is activities that aim to evaluate the attributes or capabilities of a program or system and determine whether it is in accordance with the expected results.

Baca Hasil Json_encode PHP dengan Jquery

this is sampe code in php for encode data array to json with json_encode function

// kode di php
$data = array();
foreach($result as $key => $row) {
$record = array();
$record["nim"] = $row["nim"];
$record["nama_lengkap"] = $row["nama_lengkap"];
$data[] = $record;

echo json_encode($data);


to parse json ajax results in jquery is as follows

url: "/exam/url",
type: 'post',
crossDomain: true,
cache: false,
data: 'param=' + param,
//data setelah downloaded 
//dan pass downloaded data
var json = $.parseJSON(response);
//now json variable contains data in json format
//let's display a few items
for (var i=0; i < json.length; ++i) {


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